Timmer D2 Series Glue Pumps

MTS is the exclusive Canadian distributor and authorized repair facility of the Timmer Pneumatik D2 Series of Cold Glue Pumps.  We keep an extensive inventory of spare parts on hand to perform repairs at our facility or in the field. In many cases we can even supply a temporary pump for you to use while we rebuild yours.  We’ll help ensure that this critical component of your labeling process remains in perfect working condition while minimizing your costs.

heated and non-heated d3 glue pump

Timmer D3 Series Glue Pumps

heated d3 glue pump

Timmer Pneumatik’s latest achievement is the D3 Series of Pneumatic Glue Pump – a perfect combination of progressive thinking and German engineering.  Designed to be more robust, efficient, and repeatable; these new pumps are made to handle all types of adhesive application with emphasis on gentle conveyance of the glue and a more process-oriented delivery system. This gentle approach reduces frothing and damage to the glue. As with all Timmer Glue Pumps, MTS offers full rebuilds and an extensive inventory of spare parts to ensure you have the support you need to keep your line running efficiently.

New Features

IP66 Protection

The housing of the new D3 Series of Glue Pump has achieved an IP66 rating ensuring it is protected against dust as well as safe for water washdown with pressure jets. As a result the pump can be cleaned thoroughly without damage or a short-circuit of the interior electronics.

ip66 rated

NFC (Near Field Communication)

The Near Field Communication (NFC) module comes standard on all D3 Series of Glue Pump.  Using the Timmer App on an android smartphone or tablet the operator is able to see Temperature (adjustable from app), Total Number of Strokes and Service Interval.

nfc (near field communication)

Redesigned Liquid Valve

The lower valve assembly has been optimized using an innovative conical suction valve that delivers a constant media flow allowing for gentle conveyance of the glue.  Glue “pulsations” are greatly reduced due to optimized volume ratios and cycle frequency.

improved nozzle

Stroke Rate Display

Digital display of the Stroke Frequency allows the operator to optimize the delivery of glue via the integrated exhaust air throttle.  This visual confirmation removes the guess work and ensures repeatable glue supply.

Stroke rate digital display

Android App

android device
google play

Using the Timmer Pumps App (available for Android users), operators can take advantage of real time data acquisition through use of NFC. They can set or adjust the temperature of the glue-pump, display the recommended Service Interval to reduce the chance of failures, and achieve repeatable flow thanks to stroke frequency display.



heated d3 glue pump

Timmer Pump With Heater


  • Heater (stainless steel)
  • Nozzle (19 mm, stainless steel)
  • Air connection with ball valve 1/4″ and plug nipple DN 7.2
  • 2M power supply lead with L6-15P water tight, locking plug
  • ESAFE Electrical Certification
  • Operation manual
non-heated d3 glue pump

Timmer Pump Without Heater


  • Nozzle (19 mm, stainless steel
  • Air connection with ball valve 1/4″
  • Operation manual
heated d3 glue pump for containers

Timmer Container Pump With Heater
Model: PTI-D3-H-Cont 400


  • Pump with integrated heater and electronic stroke counter
  • Container lid (plastic)
  • Clamp ring for mounting
  • Feed hose with filling valve
  • Fastening for feed hose
  • Air connection with ball valve 1/4 “
  • 2M power supply lead with L6-15P water tight, locking plug
  • ESAFE Electrical Certification
  • Operation manual